What is Koffeemuggers?

Koffemuggers was founded in 2023 by a group of students who enjoy mugging at cafes (and hopefully become academic weapons). While there are many cafe review accounts online, we found that there were dedicated to investigating the 'studiability' of cafes. Moreover, most of the cafe review accounts are run by adults who might be out of touch with the youth's preference for cafe study spots. As such, we decided to start this account to provide honest and student-oriented reviews about how study-friendly each cafe is.

On this website, you will find our detailed review of the cafes that we visited. Each review consists of an overall description and our impression of the cafe, food, and beverage rating, and an overall mugger's score which reflects our overall thoughts about the 'studiability' of each cafe.

We try to make our reviews as impartial and unbiased as possible. Here are some of our criteria for rating the cafes:


Food and drinks

We hope that you find our site useful and informative. Feel free to contact us through our Instagram. Thank you for visiting!


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